Minelab has developed its unique and patented metal detector technology for application in Humanitarian Demining, UXO Clearance and Countermine/Counter-IED Operations. Minelab’s design philosophy emphasises consistent detection capability in all soil conditions, simplicity of use and operator safety.

MINELAB SOUTH AFRICA is the official representatives of the Minelab Countermine Division in Southern Africa and can facilitate all user requirements. This also includes, Spares, Accessories, Maintenance & Repair (Level 2) and Training.

Vested in our experience and access to the full spectrum of the technology that Minelab has to offer we are in the position to assist in alternative solutions to specific challenges in the demining industry. In this instance we have alternative solutions to detect very difficult targets and targets under severe Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) where all other Landmine detectors are rendered unusable.

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