Go-Find 60

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R 4 000.00


GO-FIND 60 - Adventure Every Day!

Step up to the power and performance of the GO-FIND 60. With precision control and maximum depth, you'll be an expert in no time. Start searching for treasure today!

Pack a Go Find


Unfold the possibilities

The GO-FIND detectors are lightweight and collapsible. The search coil is fully waterproof, so you can find treasure on land and in water.

Retracting detector with simple 1-button press

Length to suit everyone in the family

Powered by 4 x AA batteries

Image of GO-FIND 60


Everyone can GO

The GO-FIND is easy to use, simply press the FIND button to select from search modes, and go detecting. It’s awesome fun for the whole family.

Intuitive user interface

One button selects target types

Effortless touch button design


Everyone can FIND

Whether you are searching for coins, jewelry or treasure. Discoveries are right beneath your feet with audio & visual alerts. It’s that simple. 

Green LEDs indicate non-iron metal (eg. silver or gold) | Red LEDs indicate iron target (nail) [GO-FIND 40 & 60 only]

Visual icon flashes detected target

High tone for high value metal target | Low tone for iron target


There's one for everyone

From the user friendly GO-FIND 20 to the value-added GO-FIND 40, or the most advanced GO-FIND 60. The GO-FIND series is designed for users from any experience level. Start searching for treasure today!


GO-FIND 60 is a Search-MAX choice



Large Waterproof Coil

Smartphone Pro App

Accessories Included


GO-FIND App - is absolutely FREE. Download from Apple App Store or Android Google Play. Type "minelab GO-FIND" in search bar.

GO-FIND App - when paired with a GO-FIND 60, full Pro App functions will be automatically activated (FREE). (No in-app purchase needed

  • Identify common coins
  • View detector information & remote control the detector
  • Listen to music and detect at the same time
  • Share your finds with friends
  • record finds on Google Maps
  • customise detector and App tones
  • Adjust advanced settings
Application Coin, Relic, Jewellery Beach & Park
Technology VLF (VFLEX)
Frequency/Transmission 7.8 kHz
Coil (standard) 10" waterproof Monoloop
Audio Output Internal speaker & 3.5mm headphone jack
Headphones Supplied Yes (ear buds)
Visual Display 60mm x 36mm (2.36" x 1.42") LCD
Backlight Yes
USB Connectivity - (has Smartphone Pro App)
Memory -
Depth Indication 3 Levels
Detect Modes 4
Discrimination 4 Find Icons – Nail, Foil, Ring, Coin & Treasure View LEDs
Timings -
Audio tone Low, Mid1, Mid2, High
Audio Type -
Ground Balance Automatic Tracking
Ground Balance Type -
Trash Density -
Pinpoint Yes (audio & visual)
Sensitivity Adjust 5 Levels
Tune / Noise Cancel -
Threshold -
Target Volume Adjust -
Battery 4 x 1.5V AA Alkaline/Carbon/Lithium or NiMH/NiCad (not included).
Low battery alert Audio & visual alert
Length Collapsed: 21.9 in / 555 mm Extended: 51.4 in / 1305 mm
Weight 2.3 lbs / 1.06 kg
Warranty 2 years